Edona Energy Solutions
Wind power on commercial and
residential buildings with minimum noise

The cuboid form of "building integrated wind turbine" can be
attached to buildings horizontally or vertically without
tower support taking advantage of wind effect on buildings
to generate sustainable power to buildings.


The external surface areas of buildings increase the wind
collection effect for the turbines attached on buildings
which can potentially convert wind into power
proportional to the cube of the wind velocity
1 m/sec cut-in wind speed
"The efficiency with minimum wind resistance"(E) along
with "the wind effect on buildings" (B) of Edona turbines
can lower the cut-in wind speed to as low as 1 m/sec which
is much lower than conventional turbines used today.
*Cut-in wind speed: Minimum wind speed to generate power
It makes it possible to generate power continuously even
in cities with low average wind speed. The units can be
installed on buildings in urban settings to be energy self-sufficient
with added benefits of stabilizing buildings during high wind
conditions by absorbing vibrations. Multiple large unit installations
can form a wind farm harvesting unlimited wind power.

Average wind speed
and wind power

Central Park, NY
Average wind speed: 1984 - 2018
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Flexible design
without tower support

Sizes and dimensions of Edona turbines are flexible and scalable.
Multiple units of cuboid form turbines can be stacked on top of each other.

"The building integrated wind turbine" can be
attached to buildings horizontally or vertically.

Easy installation
and low maintenance

No need for tower installation, less burden to buildings
using light-weight material for blades, smaller number
of parts, smaller number of friction points mean longer
maintenance cycle thereby reducing the overall cost of operation.