Edona Energy Solutions


Adapting to constantly changing environment
requires out-of-the-box thinking.
We, at Edona, pride ourselves on our ability
to recognize fundamental basics to find
innovative ways to meet those challenges.

We believe that behind every complex problem,
there lies a simple solution.
Edona would like to provide those simple solutions
in environmentally friendly ways that benefit
our planet and enrich our lives through purity.
Edona is dedicated to turning creative ideas
to solve our energy solution through wind power,
ocean current and thermal technologies to help
to resolve global warming issues
for our next generation.

Daniel Ro
Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ro served as Chief Information Officer of Aoba Life
Insurance Co Tokyo, IT Project Management of
UBS Tokyo, New York as an consultant and Director of
Special Market at Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co of NY.


Geungdug Jang Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer

Geungdug Jang has Experienced of R&D Subcontracting
Projects on Factory Automation Equipment Development
for various companies such as Samsung SDI, Posco,
Primary Subcontractor of Hyundai Motors for past 20 years.


Kazumi Sasahara Ph.D.

Kazumi Sasahara worked as instructor at colleges and
a university. After working at an environmental research
and application company, co-established a software company
and a few years later became independent. He obtained
Ph.D. in physics at the University of California, Riverside.

Jason Lee
Jason Lee is currently with an investment bank as Director
of Information Technology group. He holds a MS in
Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

Ancy Pariath
Accounting and Operation